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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Long-Distance Move

Moving is expensive no matter how far you have to travel to your new home. If you’re moving across state lines or further, the expense can become overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on your move no matter the distance. Here are some budget-friendly moving ideas:

Have a Yard Sale

The less you have to move, the less the move will cost. There are many ways to downsize before a move, including donating to charity and throwing away things that have lost their use. However, holding a yard or garage sale will help you downsize and gain some extra pocket money at the same time. Just advertise your sale clearly and in advance. Use a combination of bright, legible signage in your neighborhood and social media posts to bring the maximum amount of customers.

You may also want to double check the rules about hosting a residential sale, just in case.

Choose a Cheaper Moving Date

Just like with plane tickets, the specific date can affect the cost of your move. Some moving dates or seasons are more expensive than others based on specific factors. Avoid peak times like long weekends and holidays. In some areas, it can cost less to move in the winter when there is less demand for rentals. Conversely, some companies may also charge more during the winter because of problematic weather. If you have the flexibility, try to choose a moving date on a weekday in the middle of the month. For the best chances at a good price, aim for some time in October through April.

Hire Movers, Not Drivers

You don’t have to hire a full-service moving company for your cross-country move. In fact, plenty of moving companies offer labor-only services allowing you to drive your belongings yourself. This way you can save yourself the strenuous task of moving and packing all of your furniture and other heavy belongings while saving money at the same time. Let the professionals handle the stairs and tight corners while you drive the moving vehicle to your new home. This strategy can save thousands of dollars on a long-distance move.

A cross-country move is an exciting and important event in your life. Consider these ideas to enjoy it to the fullest while saving your budget at the same time.